Our story

At Iggy’s we combine European comfort food with California flavors. Here Chef Igor “Iggy” cooks from the heart. He believes that food should be fun and bring people together. He was born in the former USSR, was raised in Chicago and for the past nine years have resided in the Bay area of California.

Chef Igor gained the majority of his cooking experience in Chicago and after taking time away from the food industry came back to operate Borsch Mobile, a Russian/Ukrainian food truck. Where he reconnected with his Ukrainian roots by offering Russian/Ukrainian comfort food.

His cooking style reflects his personality and the love for home cooked meals. This will be reflected in the new menu that will range from old family recipes such as chicken soup and mom’s turkey cutlets to modern favorites like BBQ pulled pork fries and Borsch Mobile staples like the borsch and beef tongue sandwich.

Current conditions in the food industry have provided an opportunity for chef Igor to take a next step and bring his ideas and personality forward. By combining all of his skills, knowledge and innovation to provide the best quality food.